Top Ten Best Dogs

Number 1. Welsh Corgi: Welsh Corgis are medium sized dogs that have stubby legs. They were bread to herd sheep. Though they have small legs, and look obease, Corgis can run quickly,and jump over high obsticles.

  • Number 2. Pugs: Pugs can sometimes be stubborn, but also occasionally have a sense of humor. Pugs are considered to be loyal and trustworthy.
  • Number 3. Shibas: Shibas are Japanese dogs who were hunters before they were domesticated. The shiba can be scared easily and its name translates to "Brushwood Dog".
  • Number 4. Golden Retriever: Golden Retrievers are probably the most popular dogs in the country. They are loyal dogs who are known to be friendly and loving, making them a favorite dog for families.
  • Number 10. Beagle Beagles are a low maintinance dog that is a medium size, easy to groom, and friendly. Though beagles are less intelegent than other dogs, they are very loving.