My Interests

My interests include my dog. She is a corgi, and though she is occasionally agressive, she is a loving animal. My dog is about one year old and craves attention constantly. The reason she does is because she is used to it. When ever I or one of my family takes her for a walk, people always stop to pet her and tke her picture. Though this is somewhat inconvinient for me, she loves it. My dog has developed a system since she is probably the smartest anima on earth. Her system consists of laying down on the side walk and turning into a loaf shape. This is obviously an amazing sight so people from all walks of life come over to ether look at her or interact with her. She rolls on her back and lets people rub her belly. It happens literally every time. It is a normal walk activity for her, but it gets old for the people who walk her. My dog is better than every other dog. I know that may seem a biased opinion but lets look at the facts. If you observe the pictures below, you will come to the obvious conclusion that my dog is the most beautiful dog that lives on the earth.